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Best String Trimmers Of 2021

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Not adding oil, or not adding enough to create the proper ratio (as called for in your owner’s manual), will cause the engine to seize. This shield attaches to the bottom of the gas weed eater and helps keep the machine from throwing debris at the user. It also prevents you from accidentally coming in contact with the cutting attachment.

Interview with the World’s Best Weed Eater – Mother Earth News

Interview with the World’s Best Weed Eater.

Posted: Wed, 21 Sep 2016 04:44:09 GMT [source]

The Worx is no match for the precision and evenness of a regular mower, but after we got used to it, the results weren’t too shabby. But if you have an area that is difficult for a mower to get to , these added wheels might help you make a consistent cut . The Ryobi string trimmer head and a few of the other available attachments . Overall, the Ryobi’s performance on a full charge was in the middle of the pack—just over half of what the Egos accomplished on a full charge.

Husqvarna 128ld 2

The Remington RM25C is one of the most economical weed eater machines on our list, making it one of the best models for smaller yards. Buying a gas string trimmer can seem like an overwhelming task, but we’ve combed through reviews and weighed the pros and cons to compile a buying guide with our top 10 best gas trimmers. There are some drawbacks to owning a gas string trimmer over one of the other power sources. They’re loud and emit noxious exhaust fumes, making them a less environmentally conscious choice. They’re also considerably more heavy and cumbersome to use, especially when carrying them around a large yard.

best gas weed eaters

This trimmer is usually a little less expensive than the others, but not enough to make it a more appealing option. The other potential negative is that the Worx 20-volt battery system isn’t as widely available as some others, most notably Ryobi. Worx does have a selection of 20-volt saws, lights, and drills, among other tools, but we don’t have enough experience with them to pass judgement on them as a full system. Yet as much as we value consistent battery compatibility, we think $100 for a cordless trimmer that hits all the right points is a solid value . It is cushioned with a foam padding, and even though it’s very comfortable , we do worry it could tear easily if snagged on a hook, a nailhead, or maybe even a rose thorn. Most other trimmer handles are plastic or have a thin layer of rubbery padding.

Landscaping Tools

Are you only working on a quarter-acre yard, or do you have five acres of property? For electric, keep seeing the 5AMP EGO blowing others out of the water. Was considering getting the battery powered Stihl but not sure after seeing all these video comparisons. It is very important that you get your specifications right so that you do not end up with a weed eater that falls short of your expectations. As with any other machine, you should aim to get it right the first time.

best gas weed eaters

For a budget-friendly option, the WS205 holds its own compared to the more expensive models on the list. It’s an excellent option for anyone looking for an inexpensive, lightweight trimmer. The 129L gives homeowners the chance to use this Husqvarna professional motor on a lightweight, consumer-grade model.

Is A 2 Cycle Or 4 Cycle Trimmer Better?

The device weighs fourteen pounds, and it is slightly heavier than most of the similar trimmers. However, it should not bother you because you will use the equipment a few times a month only. If the weight is a crucial factor for you, check out other models mentioned in this article, such as the Hitachi CG23ECPSL trimmer. One thing I hate about gardening equipment is how some tools vibrate when in use. I usually get irritated by the vibration, and it makes me get tired within a short time.

This may seem like a no-brainer, but the cutting width of a weed eater will ultimately determine its overall performance. Your machine could have the most powerful engine, but it’s of little use if its cutting width is insufficient. But then again, what’s sufficient may vary from one user to another. The first thing you want to decide is whether to buy a straight or curved shaft model. Both these options have their own set of advantages, so it ultimately comes down to your preference.

This reduces the impact of vibration because the grass trimmers seem to be more vibrant when not in use. Simply tap the ground when you’re trimming to feed the 0.095” line automatically. The RY253SS model features Ryobi’s universal brand fit attachments so that you can attach an edger tool, blower, or even a tiller attachment to the powerhead. Light and maneuverable at 12 pounds 10 ounces, the Ryobi RY253SS is a 25cc, 2-stroke weed eater that walks the line between a consumer and professional-grade model.

Cordless models are quiet and effective and have narrowed the lead once held by gas-engine trimmers. The cordless trimmers here are a blend of professional-grade and homeowner-grade equipment. Each is powered by a Lion battery, a convenient power source that can also be used in other outdoor power tools, such as a blower.

Additionally, they operate on the advanced mechanism and has zero emissions and marginal noise levels. The Echo GT-225 Curved Shaft Gas Trimmer Is another model that features a curved shaft to give you a better sight of the cutting blade. It uses a 21.2cc 2-cycle engine to provide the user with a 16-inch cutting path. It has an adjustable handle to let you get the angle you need and an easy start mechanism to help save your back.

The 16-pound model boasts a durable full crank motor that delivers smooth, reliable power to the fixed-line dual head. The Ryobi RY253SS is a dependable string trimmer that can handle weekly yard chores with relatively few complaints. The ability to multi-task and use various attachments delivers great bang-for-your-buck, making it an economic power tool for homeowners. The Honda HHT35SUKAT is a professional 4-cycle model designed to fit a range of needs, from regular grass trimming to clearing heavy brush. Its renowned Honda technology provides a powerful, dependable piece of equipment that’s well-built, ergonomic, and easy to use. The BC490 is an exceptional trimmer, equipped with a powerful yet lightweight motor and an easy-to-feed bump release.

And in patches of really thick, tall grass, the Ryobi trimmer head occasionally got wound up in the grass or just pushed it over instead of cutting it. And the Ryobi couldn’t sever the Japanese knotweed stalks as efficiently as the Egos. Still, when it came to regular trimming—even in heavier weed areas—this trimmer had little problem on multiple hilly properties in Los Angeles in spring 2020. Another impressive element of the Ego is its noise—or, rather, lack of noise. The trimmers we tested had noises ranging from high squeal to hair-dryer hum, and the Ego was among the quietest we looked at. It’s not an unpleasant sound, and because the Ego’s motor is down at the cutting head, it’s far away from the ear, lessening the effect even more.

Alternatively, you may use the jump start mechanism to altogether avoid pulling cords. However, if you opt for the latter, the engine starter has to be purchased separately. That aside, we’re very pleased with its efficiency and precision, creating 17” wide swaths in each pass. But that’s not all; it comes with a harness to distribute the machine’s weight, so you can engage in extended lawn grooming sessions. It’s a real bummer when your lawn has weed and unwanted growth in certain parts creeping their way into the well-maintained green space. In most situations, a metal blade is better as it can handle the heavy-duty materials with ease.

And lastly, you’ll never have to worry about figuring out how to replace the trimmer line. The T25 trimmer head is specifically designed for safe and easy line reloading; simply tap the trimmer head against the grass to activate the line release feature. With a powerful 25cc 2-cycle engine and 16-inch cutting swath, you’ll be able to cut through more material in less time. QuickStart technology also ensures you can start the tool in an instant. It is used in weed eaters, or line trimmers or brush cutters depending on where you come from. It is stored in a head on the end of a weed whacker and spins around very quickly when the weed whacker is running.

best gas weed eaters

It’s a nice feature—particularly for those who might not be used to handling a string trimmer. Compared with the Ego, the Ryobi is loud—a squeal-like, whiny loud. We recommend using ear protection no matter which string trimmer you use.

Best Gas Weed Eaters 2021

Homelite is an American company that is one of the largest manufacturers of Portable Electric Generators and chainsaws. Today they stand as a leading producer of power equipment like chainsaws, leaf blowers and weed trimmers among others. Tim cut through thick and thin bahiagrass to see what kind best gas weed eaters of cutting characteristics each gas string trimmer has. “It makes weed eating so much easier and I no longer dread doing this chore.” As Amazon’s choice for the best electric edge trimmer, the corded BLACK+DECKER string trimmer with auto-feed is one of the most lightweight models you can buy.

best gas weed eaters

This cordless unit has automatic speed change technology that adjusts the cutting speed automatically. So far, Remington RM25C is the easiest gas weed eater for a woman to use. At the same time, it facilitates a woman or a short person as it is the shortest gas weed eater available in the market.

The ST1511T has the power to slice through dense grass, gnarly weeds, and even 1-inch-thick Japanese knotweed without slowing down. All of this cutting ability is harnessed with a smooth, variable-speed trigger, which makes delicate work just as easy as brute-force clear-cutting. Though none of the trimmers we tested were quiet, the Ego ST1511T had the nicest sound, emitting a low-pitched hum, rather than the high, squealing whine of some of the others.

Using a spinning blade in lieu of cord, brush cutters gnaw through heavier stuff with ease. They may cause splintered wood or chips of stone to ricochet away from them, so wear long pants and sturdy shoes when using them for safety. While you can use these to trim the lawn, it’s just not as effective — these are made for destroying tumbleweeds or overgrown areas, not for yard maintenance.

As long as you keep putting the gas in, they can run all day, and commercial-grade machines will tear through just about any kind of weed growth. While top gas weed eaters can cost as much as $400, some are very affordable, starting at under $100. When looking for a new string trimmer, pay attention to the design, power options, string features and warranty.

  • The tool that can best accomplish these many tasks is a gasoline-powered weed eater, also called a Weedwacker or trimmer.
  • Not only does this model feature a translucent fuel container, but it also purges air out of the carburetor automatically.
  • The following trimmers are the ones we would recommend as some of the best gas-powered weed eaters you can choose from.
  • In some cases, the head had to be removed, disassembled and then rewound multiple times because of the line breakage.
  • Greenworks tools has its worldwide headquarters stationed out of North Carolina.
  • Using a spinning blade in lieu of cord, brush cutters gnaw through heavier stuff with ease.
  • They can have a longer runtime, more power, and longer lifespan than their various electric or battery counterparts.
  • That being said, 2-cycle engines tend to be more powerful and lightweight.
  • The curved shaft makes it easy to maneuver around trees and shrubs without having to worry about bumping into them or getting tangled in brush.
  • While that’s not a deal-breaker, many of us prefer to have that customization to change cutting style.
  • That’s because they have the added weight of the rechargeable battery.

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